343 – Chica Bonita

I was torn between this image and another one, an abstract of a colorful shine on a tiled wall. Finally this image won. Although I did not ask the two people for permission, I risk it and publish the image. The other one I’ll post on the Radiant Vista.

I shot this image on my way to the train, just like last Friday on the maybe 500 meters between work and the Underground station, again with the Nikon 18-200 at 200mm and f5.6. It was really shot in a rush. I saw the two people, their body language, took a step to the right to make the girl separate better against the shadow, and that was it. Post-processing was done in Photoshop using Lab color mode and some tricks like different steepness for “a” and “b”, and some more.

This is the second day that I have the BlogRush widget in my sidebar. My site statistics say, that I’ve got no hit from them so far, but this may be due to a technical problem. In the last step of their registration they give you the code to insert on your blog and ask you to install it. I did so, obviously it’s there, I can see it, I suppose you can see it, it even works and shows links, mostly to photo-related sites … but still they keep reminding me to install the code. Seemingly their software can’t see it.

Well, I’ve written their customer support an email describing the problem, we’ll see if they react. Again, if you see any non-related content in the BlogRush widget, please let me know.

Chica Bonita” is a song from Shaggy’s 2000 album “Hotshot“. It’s the Song of the Day.

2 thoughts on “343 – Chica Bonita”

  1. The Widget seems to work – from a Visitors perspective at least. And no non-photographic links so far.

    Both shots are good, as usual. However, I’d prefer your second shot. Simply due to the rich colors and textures that transform that ordinary tiled wall into an object of art. Beautiful. Whatever, RV is definately a good place to post it.

  2. Great capture. The body language and the setting really set my mind to racing here, wondering what the story is. Are these two people friends, lovers, strangers? The possibilities are endless. And technically, it’s perfect of course.

    I can see why you were torn between the two totally different images. The one you posted on RV stands out for its sheer beauty, this one more for its story. Both are superb.

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