342 – The Needle

It’s 6am, I have to pack my things. Not much time to write, much less to comment elsewhere. I’ve changed format today to accommodate a new device, A box of links in the sidebar, provided by BlogRush. I’m not really sure what to make of it, supposedly it should bring traffic to my blog. Basically it works a bit like pyramid systems. You join them, supply details of your blog, topic and RSS feed, install their widget on your page, and off you go. But don’t let me explain, see the video on their site.

Does it work? I have no idea. It’s supposed to really multiply traffic when you spread the word and other people install that thing on their blogs, coming from your’s while registering. We’ll see. Yesterday I saw two incidents of SPAM in the box, and maybe this is a good idea that will be killed off by spammers soon, but maybe not. I’ll keep an eye on it and remove it if it begins to misbehave. Should you see inappropriate links creeping up, things that look like SPAM, please leave me a comment or send me mail.

So, what have I changed? It’s my headlines. From now on they will have the word “Photo” in front of the number. This should make them readily identifiable as coming from a photoblog and not being SPAM 🙂

This image is from yesterday morning. I shot it with the Sigma 150/2.8, again with f2.8, standing in front of a building, shooting straight up in the sky.

The Song of the Day is Neil Young’s “The Needle And The Damage Done“, topically probably a little bit off, but when I look at the image, the word “needle” creeps up, do what I might. The Song is originally from his 1972 album “Harvest“, and there are several live performances to be seen on YouTube.