340 – Carry That Weight

This morning, when I went to work, I saw the truck of a transport company and it had all those slightly different shoulder straps hanging on it. I took the shot with a quite unusual lens, at least for walking around: my Sigma 150/2.8 macro. Boy, you gotta carry that weight 🙂

But really, it’s not the first time that I say this: it may be an awkward lens for general use in the streets, but it forces you into a completely different way of using your camera. It’s amazing: try it at times. Nothing fuels creativity better. Finally, post-processing was entirely done in Capture NX.

Now, so what could be the Song of the Day? Hmmmm … Well, this was one of the rare cases when I did not have to search for a title or a song at all. It came all by itself.

The Beatles’ “Carry That Weight” from “Abbey Road” is actually the middle part of an acoustic triptych. Amazon regrettably has no sound samples, and I guess it’s not their fault. The Beatles were alway last when it came to new technologies. It took ages until their music was available on CD, and I can vaguely remember having read that they just released it for electronic distribution via the Internet. But of course you can hear it on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “340 – Carry That Weight”

  1. That’s certainly an interesting detail. Are you ALWAYS carrying your camera with you? With a whole sortiment of lenses, or just one pre-selected lens?

  2. Always. With a pre-selected lens, but six others in my Slingshot 300 🙂

    Well, very often I could leave the other lenses at home, but then, you never know. Sometimes I need them.

  3. very creative eye indeed. I just got to catch up on all your posting. As always your sense of COLOR rocks!!!

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