Sep 092007

Well, I was right, the sun did shine again 🙂

Actually, I always feel a little guilty when posting a sundown or sunrise. There is so little artistic interference, it’s just like displaying somebody else’s work. On the other hand, this is a particularly beautiful one, isn’t it? So, let it shine!

This is the JPEG right out of the camera, shot with the Nikon 18-200 at f8 and 34mm. I had no idea of what to change in post-processing, so I let it be.

Let It Shine” is a song from Zucchero’s latest album “Fly“, and by chance it’s the Song of the Day. Here is a sound sample.

  2 Responses to “331 – Let It Shine”

  1. Yeah, sometimes nature’s so beautiful, that all post-processing would make the shot just worse…

    Yes, I know, that is a kind of trivial, cliché-ridden, boring statement. But it still holds

  2. Yeah, I suppose. Worse even: sundown shooting is the art of being patient and having much too much time 🙂

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