329 – Fairground Attraction

If ever there was a band that sneaked itself right into my heart, then it was the Scottish one-album wonder Fairground Attraction. Of course their wonderful singer, the incomparable Eddie Reader, still makes music, and all her albums are good, really good, many of them much more than good, but somehow Kevin Nevin, who wrote most songs on their debut album, is missing. I guess there was nothing more perfect than “Perfect”, “Find My Love” or “Clare”. This image is titled after the song that gave name to the band.

I shot the image through the car window while waiting for a traffic light to turn green. I used the Nikon 18-200 at 200mm, ISO 200, f8 and 1/15s. I was not driving 🙂

Fairground Attraction” can be heard at the 1988 album “The First of a Million Kisses“. If you don’t have it … do yourself the favor, get it. Really. I mean it.

2 thoughts on “329 – Fairground Attraction”

  1. I keep returning to these candy sugar balls against a forboding sky. It is a wonderfully interesting image from every standpoint. But mostly I like its brave optimism… almost a comic disregard of the impending storm. It screams bravado. No… it laughs. Or smiles.

    So do I.

  2. It was one of those traveling days. I had just arrived in Klagenfurt, Carinthia with no image yet. When we drove by this fair and had to stop shortly at a crossing, I had only this single chance. Fortunately I had the right lens mounted. There was not much choice of composition either. It was this or nothing.

    I took this.


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