328 – Waiting

Same as yesterday: I slept away in the evening, and now at 6am I sit here and try to get something written. Oh my!

It was not exactly meant to be, but fooling around on another rainy day (third in a row, they begin to speak of high water), I shot this, and now it is my take on Craig’s theme week 19, “Waiting“.

Waiting” is also a song by Green Day. It’s from their 2000 album “Warning” and, surprisingly enough, it’s the Song of the Day 🙂

See here for a video as well.

3 thoughts on “328 – Waiting”

  1. Gorgeous! Really reflects my feelings on a couple of European airports last week… Could you tell a bit about the technicalities involved in the shot?

  2. Completely in-camera. I switched Auto-ISO off, that gave me about one second exposure, clicked, moved, stopped. What do you do on a rainy day 😕

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