322 – Is It Is Or Is It Ain’t The Image

Sometimes I wonder why those of you who come back over any again do it? Why do you come back? Or, in other words, if there is merit in my photography, what is it? And if there is, if there is a certain quality that creeps up in my images, at least at times, does this image have it? Or, bluntly put: is this an Image of the Day?

I’m not sure. Sometimes I am, this time I’m not. I was absolutely sure that I have something worthwhile when I made “320 – Night Lights” or “316 – Before the Concert“, and I got feedback that strongly indicates I was right. On the other hand, I am sure “305 – The Scene Of The Crime” is one of my best images, yet there was no reaction at all … hmm … makes me wonder.

Here I am not sure. Not that I have much choice, it’s Friday, traveling day, and this either is the Image of the Day or there ain’t one, but still, I wonder if it is up to the “standard”, if indeed there is one? The problem is, I have made images like this for years and I have made them over and again. This is a kind of image, that I’ve shot so many times, that I feel like plagiarizing myself. Still, it accords to the rules of composition and, what’s more important, it pleases me. Does it you? And if not, why not??

Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby” by Anita O’Day is the Song of the Day. I have it on Anita’s 1963 album “Once Upon a Summertime“. Sorry, there seem to be no sound samples on the net, but on YouTube I’ve found a clip from a 1986 concert, and here it is:

2 thoughts on “322 – Is It Is Or Is It Ain’t The Image”

  1. This is absolutely one of your images. You have a style which is ideosyncratic. Your color palette, eye for shape and form are particularly unique. And the imprint of your determinedly NOT rule-of-threes composition is the final device which imprints your brand upon your offerings. But more importantly they all package ideas that let us look through the image to a compelling back-story of emotion, thought, or both.

    Now not every image carries all of that to the same degree of course. But it’s my guess that your audience wold rank images differently since each of us brings different settings to your table. This image pours a lot of that water into its bucket. And while I’m having a llttle trouble finding the window in it which passes me into its back-story of imagining – I know I’ll find it. And that puzzle is why I keep coming back.

    On the other hand… what do I know? Eh? Thanks as usual for sharing….


  2. Why do I come back? Oh, that’s an easy one: Because you publish beautiful pictures on your site.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist… 🙂

    Honestly, I think one of the major things that draws me back to your site is that you have your own, very distinct style of seeing and picturing things. I tremendously enjoy seeing everyday things with a fresh eye. Of course, your high level of technical quality also helps.

    And following that train of thoughts, I agree with Ted. The picture certainly is one of yours, especially light-wise. The perspective is a bit more normal than in a lot of other shots though. “Normal” in the sense of “Has been pictured before”.

    From those pictures that you mentioned in your post, No. 316 is my clear favorite.

    Keep ’em coming…! 🙂

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