320 – Night Lights

We had rain most of the day and in a newspaper I read that from a meteorological point of view autumn begins this weekend. Hmmm … I think I’m going to ignore it as long as possible, just as every year 🙂

When I left work at 7pm it was gloomy, and I had already adjusted to the thought of another chess image, but just when I wanted to go for a cab, rain stopped and I decided to use my feet. It drizzled for some more minutes, and then I felt it safe to take the camera out.

I still had the Nikon 50/1.8 mounted when I came by this place in Lindengasse. I took three shots, this being the only survivor. ISO 500 and f4, post-processing in Capture NX.

Nat King Cole’s “Night Lights” is the Song of the Day. I couldn’t find the version I have, so I can only offer you the one on the album with Nelson Riddle. Not bad, but decidedly slower and more commercial than the one I have.

4 thoughts on “320 – Night Lights”

  1. Wow, this is an eyecatcher. I love everything about it, the lines, colours, composition, everything. Well seen.

  2. brilliant filled with color…. I am learning about how wonderful that added punch of color is from watching your works.

  3. I can only second pnf. But maybe it’s not only the colors, it’s also those unusual perspectives that make your shots of everyday “thingies” so extraordinary…

  4. This is a wonderfully captured imgage that really encompasses the usage of unusual point of view and vibrant color. It really engages the viewer and forces you to see every little aspect of the image. Muchos Kudos!

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