Aug 282007

This image, like the last two taken with the Nikon 50/1.8, began as a low contrast, more or less high key image. This is an old house being renovated. The plaster is almost white and there is not much color at all. Later, in Capture NX, I decided to abandon the high key route and crank up contrast and color.

Too Old To Rock ‘N’ Roll: Too Young To Die” is the Song of the Day. Of course you could always hear it on the original 1976 album, but what I recommend today is “A Little Light Music“, Jethro Tull’s 1992 live album. As someone said, it’s about as close to “Tull Unplugged” as you’ll get.

  One Response to “319 – The Old House”

  1. That song certainly brings back a LOT of memories. Some of them a bit fuzzy around the edges…;)

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