315 – The Towers of Babylon

Here we are with the image for Friday. When post-processing it, I suddenly had the idea to turn it around. Conceptionally it made not much of a difference, because the camera-recorded orientation of an image shot upwards is random anyway, but suddenly it looked even more strange. It began to remind me of an image of two high-rise buildings watched from a third, kind of a modern Tower of Babylon, or at least rather two of them. I began to accentuate the banding structure that was already there, and to drive colors apart. This is the final result.

The Image was shot with a D200, a Sigma 20/1.8 at f8, and it was post-processed in Capture NX and Photoshop.

The Song of the Day is Edoardo Bennato’s “La torre di babele” from the 1976 album of the same name. Instead of a sound sample I can only offer a video from a live concert in Bari, Italy. Not too bad either 🙂

2 thoughts on “315 – The Towers of Babylon”

  1. It really took a while and some staring before I got an idea of the picture as a whole. Makes you actually want to grab the picture and turn it this way, or upside down, tilting it a bit, or… I’m still not sure. Provokes a bit of a visual roller-coaster feeling. Oh, my stomach…

  2. Actually I was not sure what to make of this image myself. I had another, less abstract image that I could have taken as Image of the Day, but something in this one attracted me.

    Maybe I’ll re-shoot it and take real time to frame it. I guess there’ll be more to it.


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