314 – Revenge Of The Flowers

This is the image for Thursday. I was on my way home, when I saw this scratched graffito on a door. The door was of a subtle shade of blue, the scratches revealed layers of color below, among them a pale yellow. Now, Ted, will the dogs see it? I certainly hope so so 🙂

One wouldn’t assume it, but in my more than 19,000 music tracks that I have on my hard drive, I fine very few with “flower” in the title. “Revenge Of The Flowers” is one of them, and it is a song from Malcolm McLaren’s 1994 album “Paris“. We already had this album once, and I still stand to my verdict that this is a stellar album, a masterpiece, a must-have.

Amazon has no sound sample, but what about the original video clip? Did I ever say I love YouTube?

7 thoughts on “314 – Revenge Of The Flowers”

  1. Woof! Wonderfully intense. Like the mystically revealed colors. Like the way you’ve found an overload of chrome that makes my monitor smoke. Also like the way the city is intruding upon its own memories.

  2. Yes Ted, this one was for you 🙂

    Basically, the glass had not much color at all, and from a balance point of view it had no chance to carry what I had made of the area above.

    I could have thrown the image away as unbalanced, but then I could go and make something from nothing as well 🙂


  3. Just set me up a new computer system. Staring at the picture makes me wonder, whether I did my monitor calibration correctly…;)

    Actually, I’m not really sure. That’s a really a LOT of colors – mabe a bit more than I can actually cope with. However, I certainly enjoy the graphical contrasts in the picture (in terms of square, static frame vs. the flowerish window grill). You certainly made great use of the grafiti. Ah, c’mon, admit it – you sprayed it there by yourself… Just for the shot.

  4. I never spray anything. I work after the fact … but in this case I just drove colors and contrasts. Not even a bit of cloning 🙂


  5. Maybe that goes without saying, but just so that there’s no misunderstanding: I didn’t really mean to imply that you did the spraying yourself – I was just kidding…

    So, as a postscriptum to my previous post: ;-))

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