Aug 152007

This is the door to the storage of a shop in Schottenfeldgasse. Incidentally it’s a camera shop 🙂

I got interested for two reasons: the light behind the glass and some pale, reddish spots of paint round the sill. I thought, hmm … these spots could be much more prominent …

I had the Sigma 10-20 already mounted, and I took the shot at 10mm, f8 and an angle for maximum distortion of the frame. Later, in Capture NX I rearranged contrasts, and most of all I turned the paint into blood. Finally I took out some high contrast distractions in Photoshop. That’s it.

I have to bother you with Marcia Ball’s album “Presumed Innocent” for the second time in a row, for the fourth time at all. Hope you don’t mind that her “Scene Of The Crime” is the Song of the Day.

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