299 – Re-make / Re-model

If I were to advertise for Pfeil Design, an Austrian specialist for custom painting, I’d probably do it like this.

When I saw this motorbike, I was immediately drawn to the bright colors. I took three images with the Sigma 20/1.8, this one at f1.8 and focusing very near, exactly on the logo. I was in a hurry to get to work, and only afterwards I saw how good it turned out. I have cropped the image slightly from the right, just to let another curve come out of a corner, but everything else is as out of the camera. I love the repetition of flame-like shapes all over, just see at what the bokeh does to the piece of sky between grip and brake lever, and then again above.

The Song of the Day “Re-make / Re-model” is from one of the best debut albums ever, Roxy Music’s 1972 release “Roxy Music“. A stellar burst of creativity, a must-have, the first of the two Roxy Music albums with Brian Eno. It never got better.

2 thoughts on “299 – Re-make / Re-model”

  1. Jupp, that photo certainly would qualify as a nice ad-picture. I not only enjoyyour play with the depth of field, but also the tilted perspective, which gives that bike a kind of inherent dynamic. Just as a bike is supposed to be…

    The only thing that I find slightly distracting are the bright (very bright) blurred reflections on the chrom of the handle and on parts of the front wheel.

    And the colors are just that -clear, saturated colors. Would really work for a painting company I suppose.

  2. Hmm … no, actually I like the circles, but I’m biased: I’m absolutely in love with the bokeh of this lens. Thanks for coming by and good to see you an image from you again.


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