298 – The Secret Life Of Plants

Normally I don’t make a song Song of the Day when I don’t own it. This time I did. I had it on vinyl, long ago. Does that count? The CD is already ordered.

The funny thing is, that I was sure to have it anyway. I would have sworn. OK, now that’s it for today: Stevie Wonder’s “The Secret Life Of Plants” from the 1979 double album of the same name. There are no sound samples on Amazon.com/co.uk/ca, but Amazon.de has them, albeit in rather poor quality, and ARTISTdirect has them as well.

I shot this image in the morning on my way to work. By chance a house entrance was open and I saw green in the backyard. Sometimes I ask myself why I lug all these lenses around: it’s of course the Sigma 20/1.8 at f1.8 again, but I think you may have guessed by now.

One thought on “298 – The Secret Life Of Plants”

  1. OMG… I have that album too how wild and I love Stevie Wonder!!!! I also love the tilt and the C O L O R….as always you make ordinary extraordinary…..PS..thanks for the quality feedback :}

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