296 – Twenty

This sign is down by river Drau. I have no idea what it means, it must have something to do with the river power plant. I’ve shot it three times now, always with polarizer, and I’ve never used it so far. I may have had another image, the angle may have been wrong, one time the sky had clouds of wrong forms, but enough is enough, here it is in all its colorful glory.

The Song of the Day is “20 Years Too Late” by Edwyn Collins. It’s on his 2003 album “Doctor Syntax”.

It’s funny how I come to buy music sometimes. The name didn’t remind me of anything, I did not know until today, that he had been singer of a band called “Orange Juice”, I simply saw the album in a shop, listened to some tracks and bought it. When filing it at home, I found to my surprise another album, 1994’s “Gorgeous George”, of the same singer, a fantastic album that I had bought in the same way. Something in this music must resonate with me, but obviously I have problems remembering the name 🙂

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