294 – How’s It Gonna End

Yesterday, Friday, we had planned to go to a concert. We already had tickets, we knew it would be fantastic (it was Mnozil Brass after all), and still, we were tired and stayed home. Raimund will kill me for that, I’m sure. He preaches the Gospel of Mnozil Brass all the time, and it does not make any difference that I have all their records, you must see them, he says. Oh well.

So, instead of driving to Villach and seeing the concert, I went into the garden and took some photos. One of them is here. We live on a hill, and this fence runs from our garden fence down the hill. It’s again the Sigma 20/1.8 at f1.8.

How’s It Gonna End” from Tom Waits’ 2004 album “Real Gone” is the Song of the Day.