293 – Count the Days

This is the image for Thursday, I’m a bit late again. I had a placeholder entry here, saying that I finally got the image that I had already wanted for Wednesday. I had even had a title, but when I processed the images taken Thursday morning, I had to admit that it was another miss. I’ll try it a third time Monday or Tuesday. We’ll see.

This image was taken in the afternoon when I went swimming. It’s of course the Sigma 20/1.8 again.

We already had Marcia Ball in “268 – Fly On The Wall“, and here she is again: “Count the Days” from either her 2001 album “Presumed Innocent” or the live album “Live! Down the Road“. Sorry, no lyrics available.

3 thoughts on “293 – Count the Days”

  1. Great POV and the complimentary colours work well here. And the numbers set my imagination running wild imagining what their signifcance might be and why does the 8 seem to be upside down? The 20/1.8 comes through again!

  2. Hey, Bill, you’re right. The 8 IS upside down!

    This is a telegraph pole, and I guess they were numbered to make it clear which one is meant when there is something to repair. The numbers are obviously sort of nails, this way they need only 10 sorts of nails for all poles in the world. “Old technology”, but pretty effective.


  3. I just love how you see the world and can create an image from such interesting everyday things…not that I think this is everyday stuff around my town.

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