292 – Strange Phenomena

Hmm … I’m not satisfied. The whole evening I have spent working on two images, only to finally find out that both are flawed. I could use them, but I won’t. I will go back and try again. I couldn’t decide yesterday, went to sleep, and now it is 6:35am and I am in a real hurry.

So, this image is more of a substitute, but I still like it. Yesterday afternoon, on my way home, by chance I saw these reflections of windows on a wall, and I stopped and took an image, because the shapes were so irregular and bizarre. I didn’t bother to find out about the reason. Some things are better left mysterious 🙂

Sigma 20/1.8 at f6.7, post-processing in Photoshop. I have cleaned up some debris, strongly intensified the horizontal (well, not so horizontal, actually) color band in the middle, darkened the top and cloned out all windows that were cut across.

The Song of the Day is Kate Bush’s “Strange Phenomena” from her 1977 debut album “The Kick Inside“.

5 thoughts on “292 – Strange Phenomena”

  1. Hi Andreas,

    I think the camera tilt works really well here. I love reflected light so the quality of light really gets my attention and then all of the shapes and colors help to hold it. Because the set up is surreal when I was looking at this image I started to imagine a composite where you would have two rock climbers…one appearing to scale the tilted parking lot and the other scaling the wall above the mystery reflections….thanks for being here everyday Andreas…its an inspiration!!!!….Craig

  2. Craig,

    Thanks a lot, without you and the Radiant Vista I’d most probably not do what I do now. That’s for inspiration 🙂

    Regarding the climbers, well, I don’t have any, but it sounds positively interesting. I guess one would climb up and the other down, a bit like Spiderman, right?

    On the other hand, composition is nothing that interests me at the moment. It’s not a principal reservation against it (what regards “photographic truth”, I’m much more on Ted Byrne’s side than on Paul Maxim’s, though I value both of them), I know it would open up another dimension, but I don’t feel I need it at the moment. I have still so many things to explore (as you see, wide-angle macro is my pet occupation now), and I don’t work commercially. If I did, of course I’d exploit every possibility to get where I need faster, composition being one way towards that end. And, to be honest, I have no practice at all in that discipline, I guess I couldn’t even do it convincingly.

    Thanks again, good to see you here


  3. Well I wanna know what made the reflections…. You area s busy as ever so slow down and take a breath.

  4. Deb,

    In the meantime I got mail with a link to a scientific article about how those reflections come to pass. The article is in German, you find the PDF at the University of Münster. Basically it boils down to the fact that the glass panes in modern windows are slightly concave, and that’s what produces these effects.

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