290 – Back in Town Again

I’m back in Vienna. When I arrive by train, I immediately change to the Underground, to finally come up again at the U3/U6 cross “Westbahnhof”. This is where I shot the image.

Nikon 18-200 at 42mm, f11 and 1/80s, post-processing in Capture NX.

The Song of the Day is “Here We Go Again” by Ray Charles and Norah Jones from Ray Charles’ 2004 album “Genius Loves Company“.

2 thoughts on “290 – Back in Town Again”

  1. Andreas as usual your eye is always amazing how you see forms in your art. Wonderful and such a different look from what I see here. Hope your feeling better and that your trip went well.

  2. I have kidded you before about this, but as with many jokes, they are a view of truth. I think I once called artists “control freaks” on a post to your blog here. As I review images 286-290, that charge comes forcefully to mind. But I mean it gently.

    You have convinced me that the artist, to be successful.. .hell, to be an artist… must create a world in which s/he is fully in charge. Even when there are accidents, they must in post visualization be exploited… er… controlled. And your control is what consistently startles me… The way you piece together mini puzzles which defy gravity and uniformity to impose an equilibrium upon reality which in almost every one of your images make up of crazy disequilibrium – is thoughtful. More than anything, I like thoughtful.

    Plus you are fearless with respect to color. So you arrange saturated hunks as easily as you cut and twirl both delicate and massive elements about to bring harmony to such disharmony. These five (with the possible exception of the farmhouse) are the strongest illustration ever of your seemingly effortless control over found moments. You present us with dis-reality made up from the debris of reality. It’s a wildly interesting talent Andreas and becoming more sophisticated daily.

    No kidding….

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