288 – The Angel of Death

Saturday we drove back to Austria one day earlier than planned, because the weather forecast predicted rain anyway. It was one of the worst days to travel north to south, because on Friday, school in Bavaria and Baden-W├╝rtemberg had ended, and on the route we would normally have taken, people stood in traffic jams for more than five hours. On the other hand you really can rely on people’s tendency to not deviate from their normal routes, and the alternative route we took, though a little longer, was free and safe.

I took no image on Saturday, thus we get back to Friday and Mainz’ cathedral. I took this image in a side chapel, 15 minutes before closing time.

This is one of the images that would probably have been easier to post-process in Photoshop, but I did it in Capture NX anyway. Right out of the camera the image had too strong contrasts, a yellow cast, and mostly uniform colors. In the first moment I even thought of black and white. The problem was to find a good white balance, spread the colors apart and then push saturation quite a bit. Sounds like a “Man from Mars” and Lab color mode? Right, that would have spared me an hour, but I wanted to hone my skills in Capture NX, and as it turned out, I like the result pretty well ­čÖé

The Song of the Day is “Death Or Glory” from the incredible 1979 Clash album “London Calling“, one of the immortal highlights of Punk.

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  1. This image is full of drama and art. Very well seen and as always your POV is always more intense.

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