284 – Walking Alone

This is an image from yesterday. I’ve spent the whole day in bed, well, at least those times that I could stay off of the toilet. It must be something that I’ve eaten yesterday. I hate it, but don’t worry, it will go away.

This is Worms’ “Festplatz” or festival place. This is not where the festival, that I’m here for, takes place, it seems to be more of a circus ground or place for occasional Rock concerts. The funny thing is this fountain, that seems so completely out of place.

The Song of the Day is from Sophie B. Hawkins’ 2001 album “Timbre” and is called “I Walk Alone“.

3 thoughts on “284 – Walking Alone”

  1. That fountain really does look out of place but the way you’ve captured it relative to the walker makes the picture. This one really is about story for me. Really made me want to explore the image.

    Great capture and hope ypu’re feeling better soon.

  2. Thanks Bill, I hope so as well. It really helps with my new Harry Potter, but that’s the only benefit 🙁

  3. Get well soon…sounds like a icky sort of day. I like the BW as your known for all the color!!!

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