274 – At Sundown

Today I was lazy. I slept in the afternoon and left home only at 5pm for some swimming. I took this photo from the tripod, exposure bracketing with 1 EV apart, and later I have processed it with Photomatix and Photoshop, taking the HDR result from Photomatix as one of three pixel-based layers, the other two being a light and a dark exposure. The process was not at all controlled. I simply did what seemed appropriate.

The Song of the Day is “At Sundown” from Betty Carter’s 1958 album “I Can’t Help It“.

One thought on “274 – At Sundown”

  1. I think this imjage is wonderfully composed and the sun isn’t burnt out as in so many of my own shots of this nature. I like the tall tree and the long shadows. Makes me wish I’d been there, too 🙂

    Flo from the RV

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