271 – Night Lights

Not much time to write, I should already be off to work. Sorry for the delay, I was simply too tired yesterday.

I shot this image shortly before midnight, after dinner with dear friends. It’s again taken with the new Sigma 20/1.8 at f1.8. There is not much sharpness here, this is all about night lights.

The Song of the Day is Nat King Cole’s “Night Lights“, and I have it on a very cheap collection of three CDs titled “Anthology”. I guess it’s not available any more, therefore I link to the album of the same name released in 2001. My version is a live recording from some club, less polished, and I like it more, but if you don’t know the song, you’ll still get an impression.

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5 thoughts on “271 – Night Lights”

  1. Holy Moley! This is your best abstract in months. And given the quality of those others… that is saying a lot!

    Okay… the BAZZZZZZ of bursting light points in the upper left… like neon corn kernels dancing around in superheated oil just before exploding are… all by themselves a primary plane of interest. But the discipline you’ve shown here to corral them into just, what? Twenty percent of the surface area is awesome. And then the dazzling green tubes of direction which take me by the eyelashes onto a chute that SPAAAAATS them into the oil!!!

    But you have reserved your one touch of razor focus for the entry to the green/blue chute… The tack detailed line at mid-image right is like the archway to the entrance of a roller coaster ride. “GET ON HERE!” it screams barker-like.

    And yet, much as I’m excited by all of the devices at play so far… there’s that one blue/white light in a sea of conservative murk, echoed by an almost accidental satellite in orange which distracts me from wallowing in the corn kernel bursts and insists that I come back to the start where again and again and again I zoom down along the green/blue pipelines.

    This thing ROCKS!

  2. I quite agree with Ted on this one. Very nice image indeed. It got tons of motion, first one way, then back again. Then back, and forth, back and forth. Really cool effect. And the bokeh is outstanding.

    I actually owned a sigma 20mm f1.8 once. Although at the time I was not interested in the least with shallow DOF photography… I bought the lens strictly for the wide aspect, limited though it was in that regard. Mine was used on the Sigma SD9, which I owned for a time, and it gathered me a few nice images before I found I could get the same width with a lot less glass using a 24mm and an old WA extension lens.

    It’s a nice lens, but at the time I found it was just too large and cumbersome to tote around. Perhaps if I used it more creatively at f1.8….

  3. PIZZZAZZZ City! Wow, do I ever get a charge looking at this! Ted said it ALL – what more can I say – he didn’t leave me enough words, and I don’t want to repeat 😉


  4. I LOVE THIS…what color and really makes the eye stop to ponder. Most excellent! You have one of the most creative eyes…. no kidding.

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