269 – Gates to the Garden

Am I a gearhead? You bet!

As far as I remember, I have mentioned at least one time that I want to buy a Sigma 20/1.8 lens, and today I couldn’t resist any more. Hmm … that’s a very interesting lens and it is exactly what I was looking for, only better 🙂

On my Nikon D200 it is equivalent to a 30mm lens. Not terribly wide, a little less than my Nikon 18-200 on its widest, but it is the fastest wide lens money can buy. Or is this the widest fast lens?

So this is obviously a lens that’s good for available light shooting. But that’s not why I’ve bought it. Its minimum focus distance is only 20cm (7.9 inch, and that’s not to the front lens, that’s to the sensor plane), and its diaphragm has nine blades. What this means? Bokeh!

On wide-angle lenses, bokeh is normally not a factor of interest. You don’t shoot below f8, frequently above, and you want everything sharp, from very near to very far. With most wide-angles you can go near, but what if you can go very, very near? Suddenly there is depth of field again, and the nearer you go, the shallower it gets. Combine this with f1.8 and nine blades. Creamy 🙂

This is some old piece of cast iron that someone has used as decoration in the garden of the house where I live in Vienna.

The Song of the Day is “Gates To The Garden” from Nick Cave’s stellar 2001 album “No More Shall We Part“. Neither will this lens and I.

5 thoughts on “269 – Gates to the Garden”

  1. Maybe this is why I don’t usually like my wide-open shots with limited depth of field – the boke(h)? I just never thought of it this way. But after seeing this smoothie, now I know, lol. 1.8 is incredible! 2.8 with 5 blades just doesn’t cut the mustard – and it’s a Sigma macro, too, an old 90 mm.


  2. I thought this may have been with your lense baby. I like it very much and the shapes in the gate are excellent. I also like the metal and the texture. Very nice new toy to add to your collection! Andreas thank you for your support I very much appreciate. Hugs

  3. Deb, you’re welcome.

    Flo, yes, the Sigmas have come a long way. At the moment I have four of them: 10-20/4.0-5.6, 20/1.8, 30/1.4 and 150/2.8 macro. I like them all, none has given me any reason to complain, neither optics nor build. I plan to buy at least one more, the 70/2.8 macro that everybody raves about.


  4. Ok…you’re more than tempting me. But which one to choose, the 30/1.4 or the 20/1.8…? Oh boy, always those tough decisions…

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