268 – Fly On The Wall

Today I didn’t have much chance to get somewhere for shooting. Today, like every year for one day, the road was closed for cars, it was Ironman day. Actually I hate it. It was a wonderful day, I would have wanted to go swimming, and instead I had to stay home. But in every Evil there is Good, right? Each year I say to myself that this is a wonderful chance to practice panning, and like every other year I didn’t. Oh well!

Now when it came to shooting for an Image of the Day, I took the easy road, unpacked the Sigma 150 macro and the macro flash kit, crawled around the house for 15 minutes, and came back with a fly, two spiders and some ants. Boy, is this hard to shoot marching ants! At least the other guys were patient and I could have used the tripod as well πŸ™‚

The Song of the Day is “Fly on the Wall” by female Blues singer Marcia Ball from Louisiana, now living in Austin, TX. It’s from her 2001 album “Presumed Innocent“, the first one of her that I bought after having found it in a shop by chance. If you don’t know her, give it a try. I’ve just ordered the five albums that I didn’t already have πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “268 – Fly On The Wall”

  1. Just popped on over here from Anna’s blog. Amazing work. Particularly love your landscapes. Thanks for sharing such beauty.

  2. Thats a scarey looking fly, definetly wouldn’t want to find that in my house!!!

    Reminds me of some of the insects I saw in this museum in Vienna that was full of stuffed animals, scarey too!



  3. LOL, I loved your story almost better than the fly image. Who likes flies, anyway? Well, when they turn into a great image is when πŸ˜‰


  4. That is great !!!!
    Nobody pay attention to a poor fly!
    Thanks to your powerful micro photography.
    have a good day

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