261 – The Hour When The Ships Come In

Constantly one day late, but here am I with the image for yesterday, Sunday.

It’s funny. I have seen this all my life, but not before I began photographing, have I consciously experienced how bad the light during the middle of the day is. Unfortunately this is exactly the time when I am on my way during holidays. Therefore we are in the evening again, this time a little before sundown, and it’s the boats in Mali Losinj’s harbor.

Again Bob Dylan? Why not. This is an old song, it’s from his 1964 album “The Times They Are A-Changin’“, it’s called “When The Ship Comes In“, and it is the Song of the Day.

2 thoughts on “261 – The Hour When The Ships Come In”

  1. I think the lighting is beautiful and the water color and reflection is amazing. Being the desert dweller I am I appreciate a image like this very much such a cool mood.

  2. It took me a while. There was an evocative quality I thought to these colors which teased at my memory banks. Have you ever sniffed at a vague scent that abruptly wafts by and felt yourself abruptly transported back into memory?

    Well these colors were wafting and they were tugging me somewhere and then… BAM! It was maybe thirty years ago and I’d takne my first FujiChrome slides along Massachusetts’ South Shore. I’d pulled them from the mail and as I plucked each from their little green box I saw fine boats rocking at their berths all bathed in what seems to have been just exactly those hues.

    And it was the glow of your image which melded my boats with these boats decades and thousands of miles apart into a common warm synthesis. And as I write this, I seem to hear the water lapping and smell the salt… and feel the evening breeze of a memory place and time that were romantically Fuji-clad in the sunset.

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