260 – The Painter

Holidays, image post-processing and posting don’t go together too well. Still, I’m at least back with the image of Saturday.

I arrived in Mali Losinj right for dinner and some sundown shots. The sundown was mediocre, I tried some experiments with filters and flashes (only the weak flashes of my macro flash kit), produced nothing of value, and finally changed back from the Sigma 10-20 to the Sigma 30/1.4, a more appropriate lens for night street photography.

This guy sells paintings, the typical kind that you get in tourist centers, but the image reminds me a little of these baroque paintings about painters presenting their work. And then there is this woman to the left, who is completely oblivious to me and obviously everyone else (and everyone else to her), this woman who adjusts her décoltée.

In terms of post-processing I have darkened some distractions near the edges of the frame, brought back some detail into the paintings on the upper rows (they were burnt out in the JPEG) and finally have blurred the face of the woman.

I have not brought along my music library, thus there is no Song of the Day. Sorry, we’ll be back to that with the first blog entry that I’ll write from home, supposedly tomorrow, Tuesday night.

3 thoughts on “260 – The Painter”

  1. city life and all the blessings of culture…. I miss it.

    Very nice as any artist image holds a special spot for me.

  2. Beautiful warm event shot from the city… captures the spirit of the evening just fine.

    I wonder how that Sigma lens would feel. I’m using the 17-55 2.8 IS most of the time. So, slight darker, but with IS and a bit more flexible (focal-length wise) – vs. an open aperture of 1.4…. 1.4…wow.

  3. Hmm … flexibility is not always an advantage 🙂

    I have two zooms, the Nikon 18-200 and the Sigma 10-20, all the others are primes, and even the 10-20 I mostly use like a prime at 10mm. It’s a funny thing shooting primes. They challenge your creativity, and the Sigma 30/1.4 is probably best in that discipline. It’s the frame of a normal lens on my Nikon, but with the perspective of a wide-angle, and you can make nice things with the 1.4 aperture. I love this lens.


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