258 – Headed In The Right Direction

This image is from yesterday, Thursday. After work I went home through Lerchenfelderstraße to take some images from top of the new Municipal Library. Well, the library is still a project I’ll have to work on, the images were a little below my expectations, but on the way there I saw a small crane on wheels parking in Lerchenfelderstraße. It was yellow, it had a fat, red arrow on it, the sky was blue and more so through the polarizer. The problem with the sky was though, that the street is a tad narrow, and the only way to not get the houses onto the image, would have been to shoot straight up into the air. Nice color contrast between the yellow of the crane and the blue sky, but whatever I did, I could not find any reasonable composition.

I dumped the sky and went for perspective, wide-angle distortions, yellow/dark gray/black, a combination that normally demands attention, and finally this red arrow. Simple and effective. Sigma 10-20 at 10mm.

Every once in a while there is a Renaissance of Soul, and young singer/songwriter India Arie from Savannah/Georgia was part of one of the last such waves. I have the first two of her albums, and I guess in the meantime there may have been a third. I’ll have to check out. “Headed In The Right Direction” from her album “Voyage to India” is the Song of the Day.

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  1. Nice one! As usual crisp and full of very active color. I wonder what you would do without that Sigma 10-20? Starving most likely…;)

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