256 – Moving On

Vienna is a wonderful city, but this is nothing intrinsic to Vienna, every city is wonderful. Every place where people live is. It’s really fantastic. You stroll through these cities and there is one image after the other, an endless stream of possibilities. I mean, it’s no big deal to live in the city and make good images at times. The opportunities come from all by themselves. You simply have to be attentive and patient.

The problem begins when you have a daily photoblog and the opportunities sometimes decide to not come. Just like today. I had some images, but nothing convincing. At such times it has been found to be a good strategy to move your ass. Today was Ass Moving Day.

Weather had been dull all day, but I really had the feeling that it could probably clear up in the evening or, better, there could be clouds but not too many, just the right ones for a spectacular sundown. Therefore I was prepared when at 8:20 I saw the sun come out. I took my slingshot and the tripod and headed for the Underground. I was really lucky. It took me less than 20 minutes on two trains to reach Donauinsel and begin shooting.

I used the Sigma 10-20, mostly at 10mm, together with an 0.9 and an 0.6 ND gradient filter, shot for about half an hour, and this was it.

This is my favorite image from that set. I have post-processed it in Capture NX. Nothing fancy, only some minor adjustments.

We had Willy DeVille two times yet. Today’s Song of the Day is from his album “Live in Berlin“. It’s called “You Better Move On“.

4 thoughts on “256 – Moving On”

  1. I think this is beautiful and peaceful for a city image especially. Very nice … I am seeing alot about ND filters, must put that on my want list…grins

  2. Have you ever eaten a Twizzler? Do they sell them where you are? They’re made about five or six miles from where I’m sitting here in Lancaster County. This is a place where candy comes from.

    Anywayzzzz…. I imagine that if you pull a Twizzler reeeeeeel thin. And place a candle behind it… you will get a gooey color like the orange/red strip between your bridge and the water.

    Hmmmm… on the other hand, I’ve heard that they do magical things in Vienna. Perhaps you merely took a picture of a bridge made from well pulled Twizzlers?

    Regardless of whether it’s the way it looked, or it’s the way you conceived it…. you captured the magic.

  3. Great image. All those converging lines pulling me into the city, and the colours… fantastic. I’ve developed a fondness for oranges and blues for some reason and you’ve mastered them artfully here, enough to bring me back several times to view this one. And then of course there’s the Manessinger tilt that you use so skillfully…the icing on the cake.

  4. Great, saturated colors. Together with the near classical composition of those lines that draw you into the picture and end up directly on one of the power-points…Perfect shot, I think those train rides were more than well invested!

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