255 – Vereda Tropical

Uhhh, these are the meager days 🙂

In the morning I was too laden, at noon I was at the wrong place, after work and before swimming it was too hot, after swimming light was all gone in haze, and after dinner we had quite a thunderstorm. Oh well, this is from before swimming, when it was hot. We had a tropical day and this is a tropical image.

Sigma 10-20 at 10mm, post-processing in Photoshop with all sorts of tricks, two versions from RAW layered, cloning, Lab color manipulations, local contrast and saturation adjustments, vignettes, you name it. Not exactly a great image, not even after all that effort, but I have nothing better. Sorry 🙂

I have never been a Santana fan. I mean, of course I have some of his classics, but none of them really are my favorites, except one of his more controversial works, the 1983 album “Havana Moon“. Boy, do I love this, and, would the fan say, for all the wrong reasons. This is dance music, and the Song of the Day, “Vereda Tropical“, the most controversial song on the album, is my favorite track. Have you ever danced to “Vereda Tropical”? Well, probably you should.

My second favorite on this album is “They All Went To Mexico”, of course. Willie Nelson’s Spanish is almost as abysmal as Bob Dylan’s 🙂

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  1. Once again a very peaceful image with great color. I am enjoying seeing your world thru your eyes.

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