240 – Bridge Over Still Water

Sunday saw me back in Carinthia. On my way to Keutschacher See for some swimming I made a slight detour to Selkach. The narrow bridge over the storage lake of river Drau was completely rebuilt last year. It’s metal construction is brightly yellow, but being in the shade and indirectly lit by the water below, made it ghastly yellow-green, the color of slime, and I had the strong urge to go B&W. Well, here it is, one of my more complex conversions, done in Photoshop. It could have been done in less than 17 layers, but that’s what it has. I guess I like it 🙂

There can be no doubt that “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is the Song of the Day, and of course I had the album as LP, but interestingly enough I currently don’t have it by Simon & Garfunkel at all, but I have it by Roberta Flack on her 1971 album “Quiet Fire“.

2 thoughts on “240 – Bridge Over Still Water”

  1. This is one well crafted black and white!

    While it’s obviously a bridge over something, the shape is so far from the norm that it makes you wonder.

    I guess it’s the bridges narrowness that enabled its unique styling, and the lighting you have captured enhances this even further.

    Very cool.

  2. Thanks. It was probably the most difficult B&W conversion I’ve done so far. The raw material was very far from these tones and I had a hard time getting it right. As I said, 17 layers, masks, etc. Glad you like it, seems to have been worth the hassle.

    Thanks again


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