Jun 112007

You’ve seen this park before. It is the very place where in winter we saw hooded people “83 – Dancing in Blindness“, dancing in frenzy during “103 – Le sacre d’hiver“. Now, in Summer, all mystery is gone and it is simply Volksgarten, Vienna’s most beautiful rose garden.

Sometimes at noon, when the weather is right, I take a break from work and go there, taking photographs of people taking photographs of photographing people. There is a certain Escher feeling to it. This park is obviously on any tourist group’s list, and still it has a certain quietude. It’s a fine place to sit on one of the countless chairs and benches, watching, dreaming, doing … nothing.

Sigma 30/1.4 at f8 and 1/60s, B+W polarizer, post-processing in Capture NX.

The Song of the Day is “Das Lied vom Idealen Park” by the Austrian artist André Heller, in which he sings the song of the ideal park. What he imagines is far more exotic, but actually I think thousands of roses, a baroque fountain and Burgtheater in the background are not too shabby either.

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