238 – The Ideal Park

You’ve seen this park before. It is the very place where in winter we saw hooded people “83 – Dancing in Blindness“, dancing in frenzy during “103 – Le sacre d’hiver“. Now, in Summer, all mystery is gone and it is simply Volksgarten, Vienna’s most beautiful rose garden.

Sometimes at noon, when the weather is right, I take a break from work and go there, taking photographs of people taking photographs of photographing people. There is a certain Escher feeling to it. This park is obviously on any tourist group’s list, and still it has a certain quietude. It’s a fine place to sit on one of the countless chairs and benches, watching, dreaming, doing … nothing.

Sigma 30/1.4 at f8 and 1/60s, B+W polarizer, post-processing in Capture NX.

The Song of the Day is “Das Lied vom Idealen Park” by the Austrian artist AndrĂ© Heller, in which he sings the song of the ideal park. What he imagines is far more exotic, but actually I think thousands of roses, a baroque fountain and Burgtheater in the background are not too shabby either.