234 – We Hide Behind Walls of Madness

This image is from early Monday morning or late Sunday evening, whichever way you like. I took it when I arrived in Vienna. It’s from 0:28am, so I guess it can be considered being from Monday. It’s again taken with the 50/1.2 at f1.2, and again it is shallow depth-of-field, but this time I wanted to create the spooky effect of not being able to clearly see where one’s way leads. It’s a little bit like being short-sighted and having lost one’s glasses. To me it actually feels a little disturbing, but that may be because I am very short-sighted 🙂

No post-processing, only a tiny crop from the left.

The Song of the Day is “Mad, Mad Moonlight” by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel from their 1975 album “The Best Years of Our Lives“.

One thought on “234 – We Hide Behind Walls of Madness”

  1. Great depth of field!

    Oh well, what I intended to say: Great, shallow depth of field. And a beautiful bookeh and colors. I never dared to go for a lens with an aperture of 1.2 – maybe I should…

    Being somewhat shortsighted myself, I perfectly follow your feelings on this one.

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