232 – The Evening After the Rain

I’m hopelessly behind, please bear with me. This image is from Saturday. It was a rainy day and when the evening came, I decided, instead of making big pictures of tiny flowers I could probably drive to Klagenfurt and look for some evening color. Really, it stopped raining and I could take quite a number of images, all using the Nikon 50/1.2 at f1.2.

Originally I had planned to go for shallow depth-of-field, but in the end I made mostly normal scenics. Still, it really is a pleasure in the night to shoot handheld at 1/60s and to easily stay in bearable ISO ranges. Post-processing was done in Capture NX.

This is “Alter Platz”, a pedestrian zone in the center of Klagenfurt.

The Song of Saturday was “Rainy Night In Georgia” from Randy Crawfords 1981 album “Secret Combination“.