230 – Hanging Around

Nothing has changed, certainly not the lens, Thursday morning I was still at 50/1.2 and you see it. This lens is awesome. Stopped down it is as sharp as my Nikon 18-200 zoom, maybe even sharper (of course not as sharp as the 50/1.8, but that’s OK) and at f1.2 it opens up a different world. Wide open it lacks a bit of contrast and colors could be more saturated, it clearly shows spherical aberrations, but it happened to Hubble as well, and on the other side, that’s what some price as “glow”, right? For images like this I tend to use Capture NX now. I have warmed the image up, slightly increased contrast and saturation and that was it.

“Hanging Around”: I have two songs of that title, three if we count Lou Reed’s “Hangin’ ’round” from his masterpiece “Transformer”. The other two are Marla Glen at her 2003 album “Friends” and The Stranglers on “Rattus Norvegicus”. For the feeling of the music I tend to Marla Glen here, because the song fits the image well.

I’ve found no lyrics on the net, the album is seemingly only available via Amazon.de. Remember: globalization is for the companies.

We’ll certainly get to the Stranglers song and its slightly provocative lyrics again as soon as I have the marvelous cover version by Hazel O’Connor from her 1981 album “Cover Plus” that I’ve just ordered, and we’ll get to The Stranglers as soon as I find a reason to title an image “In Heaven She Walks” 🙂