225 – Baroque Splendor

Believe me, I really wish I had taken this image from only a tad more to the right. I had a second version, but it was slightly on the brink of being burnt out in one of the clouds and, more important, the clouds were not in this perfect position any more.

I took the image while having breakfast at the café Corso, in front of Klagenfurt’s parish church. We already had this church in “155 – From Distant Past“, but this time we’re looking at it from the west and we do it early in the morning. The sun is behind the church and, in order to not overexpose the sky, I have to underexpose the tower.

Well, I’m quite sure I could have got this result in Photoshop as well, but most probably not in the five minutes and three U-Points it took me in Nikon Capture NX. This program is amazing. I really wish they would add a clone stamp, then it would be almost perfect, at least for Nikon owners.

The Song of the Day is “The Tower“, a romantic fairy tale by Chris De Burgh on his album “Spanish Train & Other Stories“. I have no sound sample, sorry.