224 – Under a Green Ceiling

Friday noon in Volksgarten. I sat there under the chestnut trees, watched people and the multitude of different roses, and when I looked up I saw a fantastic ceiling made of intricate ornaments in infinite shades of green. I used the Nikon 50/1.8 at f4.

I have tried processing this image in Photoshop, and I had quite some trouble bringing out contrast in the darker parts of the image. I tried it again in Nikon Capture NX and, what a difference! In less time I got a much better result. We’ll see another example for Capture NX’s power in Saturday’s entry.

The sky was not burnt out, but it almost looked as if, thus I decided to blend in some color where the image is neither green nor yellow. This, of course, I did in Photoshop’s Lab mode by using a “Solid Color” layer in “Multiply” and the “Blend If” sliders of the advanced “Blending Options”.

As for a Song of the Day, I’m not very objective when it comes to Irish singer Mary Coughlan. I simply adore her and her melancholy way of singing. Searching for “green” in my music library got me “My Land Is Too Green” from either her “Live in Galway” album (see for a sound sample) or from “Under the Influence“.