214 – Fiesta in Blue

This was my first image in the morning and I’m glad I made it then, because weather-wise the day deteriorated rapidly and when I left work I needed an umbrella.

I have no idea what language that is on the cover of the spare tyre. Must be something like Thai, but I am not at all sure. Any idea? Even what it means?

From yesterday evening I still had the Sigma 30/1.4 mounted, and that’s what I used, albeit at f8.

On her album “Take a Look” Natalie Cole sings a version of the Count Basie standard “Fiesta in Blue” that basically is identical to the Lambert, Hendricks & Ross version on “Sing a Song of Basie“, she even sings Jon Hendricks’ lyrics. I mean, she is good. The whole album is good, but you’d better not compare it to the original by LH&R. On the other hand: even Manhattan Transfer pale against them, so why shouldn’t Natalie?

One thought on “214 – Fiesta in Blue”

  1. Today and yesterday were you bike moments, eh? Such different images, yet each flaunts an explosive color palette which makes me murmur, “Whoa!”

    BTW – I just ordered a bike yesterday, it’s will be here Friday I think I am feeling quite European elegant….


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