212 – I Saved the World Today

I shot this Iris in the morning, after having stabilized it with two knitting needles and a clothes-peg. You have to know, that at the moment I have no external flash guns, much less a specialized macro flash kit. When I tried the same shot yesterday, I waited for a windless moment, grabbed macro and tripod, put everything in place and … saw the iris softly sway in a calm breeze.

I still couldn’t do the closeup shot that I wanted, but I could stabilize the flower as much as being able to shoot this image, without having to cut it and make the shot inside the house. I saved a flower with two needles and a clothes-peg. What an achievement 🙂

The essence of the story is, I need flashes. Lots of flashes, but the most important thing will be the macro kit. We’ll see.

The Song of the Day is “I Saved the World Today” from the Eurythmics’ 1990 revival album “Peace“. Hmm … I love Annie Lennox’ voice and would have given quite something and then more to hear her sing live on Trafalgar Square on New Year’s Day 2000. Unfortunately I only found out about the concert when I saw part of it on TV. At least that’s what I remember. On the Internet I can’t find any trace of that concert. Did I have a “Sweet Dream”?