205 – Spring Flowers

Looks like I’ve managed it. This is the promised fourth image this day and it is from today. We had mostly fair weather, clouds but with long periods of sun in between. Still I didn’t feel like going out and shooting landscape. Contrasts were harsh and now at almost 6pm, when the light should be perfect, the sun has vanished altogether. I’m quite satisfied with my decision to go for a more controlled setup.

This is a bunch of spring flowers that I collected near our house and shot with the Sigma 150/2.5. I used a blue folder as background.

The Song of the Day is “(Nothing But) Flowers” from the Talking Heads’ 1988 final album “Naked“. Thinking about the 80’s, for me there is no music that’s more characteristic than that of the Talking Heads, and there were periods of my life when I didn’t want to hear anything else. Maybe The Smith had a similar appeal to me, and I guess it’s not by accident that I have every single CD either David Byrne or Morrissey have released since. By the way, did you know that David Byrne blogs?

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  1. Very nice. This makes me almost wish I didn’t live in the city. Hurrah for Morrissey!

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