Apr 152007

Friday morning I was early on my way and took a detour through Mariahilfer Straße. At that time it is almost empty, all shops are still closed, save the odd café, and one more time I had bright sun shining in my face.

Just around the corner from Kaiserstraße there are some old, small shops, and one of them made nice reflections on the sidewalk. I positioned myself and waited until I had the reflection of a passer-by.

The Song of the Day is “People Get Ready“, a song I like very much in Rod Steward’s version from his “Unplugged” album, but this time we hear the Blind Boys of Alabama on their 2002 album “Higher Ground“. Arguably more fitting 🙂

  One Response to “182 – The Other World”

  1. And the wait… the hesitation was delightfullly perfect. Your instincts were perfect… it all olds together and the dynamic of the motion nails the bustle of the earliest rush hour.

    Very nice


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