178 – I Cover the Waterfront

Today I spent much time working on the images of the trip to Hochfeistritz (see yesterday’s “177 – The Virgin on a Spruce“), visiting my parents and finally the trip back to Vienna. When returning from my parents, I took a small detour to Klagenfurt’s shore of W├Ârthersee, went straight to the water and took this image of a reflection of the pier in front of the restaurant “Lido“. I took some more photos, but I already knew that this was it.

I Cover the Waterfront” is – surprise, surprise – the Song of the Day, a Jazz standard, and today we take Mary Coughlan’s version from her Billie Holiday tribute album. A slightly different but equally good version is on her 2001 album “Long Honeymoon“. I like both, but there is nothing by her that I don’t like ­čÖé