173 – Night Walk

This image is from Wednesday night. I went home from work late, and when I passed the Café Ahorn in Ahornergasse (contrary to what the map says, there is a connection between Neubaugasse and Ahornergasse/Seidengasse), I saw this stack of chairs, catching the light of street lanterns. I shot this with the Nikon 50/1.2 at f1.2.

The Song of the Day is “La Nuit De Clifton Chenier” from Beausoleil’s 1991 album “Cajun Conja“. Looking them up on Amazon has reminded me of how much is now available from them. Once, when I bought this CD – in the wake of the movie “The Big Easy” – it was impossible to get more than two CDs. As to be expected, there seem to be no lyrics online 🙂

One thought on “173 – Night Walk”

  1. I suppose its no secret by now that I enjoy images that are shrouded in mystery… especially ones like this that lean towards the abstract.

    I’m not sure if its the treatment of light, use of shallow DOF, interesting angles and compositions…whatever. They all tend to get my attention more quickly than other images.

    This one is lovely. Just enough information is present to ID the subject (not that this is necessary) and the warmth of the colors and the play of the bokeh frames it nicely.



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