Mar 232007

Just some flowers here in Vienna, in a small patio, in front of the door that leads to the garbage containers. I took the image Thursday morning, using the Sigma 150/2.8 macro at f4, 1/100s and ISO 500.

Thursday, this was the day when the flu hit, thus the Song of the Day is “The Flu” from the 1990 Jazz album “Karen Mantler and Her Cat Arnold Get the Flu“.

  One Response to “160 – Flowers in the Patio”

  1. It is not fair. I look at the map and we here in Pennsylvania seem so much closer to the equator than you Northern Dwellers in Austria and Germany. And yet… there are your flowers. While outside it is damp, chilly and grey with mounds of dirty snow still piled in the parking lots.

    It is not fair. And here you are flaunting it with perky images of Spring flowers. AAAARGH!

    Thanks for sharing

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