3 thoughts on “148 – The Fabric of the World”

  1. Of course it is not a sad image. As I have past commented… you have an ebullient spirit that burbles into your graphics even when you are feeling moody. Maybe it is “style” maybe it is an optimistic spirit – wuddever… this is just another example of an exuberant palette described in an inviting texture. The abstract is fanciful. You see things I wish I saw. Thanks Andreas…


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  2. Thanks Ted for the “You see things …”. It is nice, it is flattering and it is blatantly wrong. Everybody who has not been there can easily get a sense of what I mean at Ted’s blog. Let him ramble about thongs and cracked and peeling streets and you know it 🙂

    Thank you anyway.

    I would have probably written more about my association with precious fabric, and how at the age of 19 I was searching for a brown suit and a sky-blue shirt that would exactly match the sky and the autumn mountain that I drove by one morning. I had the suit custom-made, because that year brown was an impossible color to get by. One time I will wear something the colors of this image

  3. I like this image. Lots of competition in the lines that lead you around this subtle composition. And the tilt, I think, really brings it all together and makes it work. Kinda gives it some more of that built in energy.

    Thanks for sharing,


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