142 – A Trip to the Sea

One day late, but yesterday, having returned from Croatia, I was so tired, I simply fell to bed.

It was a fantastic day with a fantastic start. When I woke up and looked out of the window, I saw the moon setting in a way I can’t remember having seen in Austria before. It was so incredibly clear that the moon seemed almost tangible.

We took the road via Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, and soon it was clear that we would not be the only ones. It seemed like whole Slovenia was on its way to the sea. Accordingly full were the Slovenian ports Koper, Izola and Portoro┼ż. We decided to try our luck in Croatia, and really, it did help. Obviously the Slovenians headed for Slovenian ports only, and as soon as we had crossed the border, it got conveniently sleepy, just as we would have expected it so early in the year.

It was a hot day. We had already opened the top of the car in Austria, and in the early afternoon it must have had 20 degrees Celsius at least, and some more on the balcony where later we ate. I wanted to have access to the sea, but not in one of the big tourist centers. We finally settled with Savudrija, a small village with a port, two restaurants and some houses.

I have made a lot of images there, some in the early afternoon, some around and during sundown. This particular image was shot with the Sigma 10-20 at 10mm. More will follow in the next days.

The Song of the Day is “Goodbye Sunshine” from Chastity Bono’s 1993 album “Hang Out Your Poetry“, a jewel that unfortunately never has been followed up. The album under the band name “Ceremony” (not the heavy metal band) was graced by the likes of Jerry Garcia and Jim Keltner. Not shabby. Like so many albums it is not available any more. Get it from Amazon marketplace or Ebay.

One thought on “142 – A Trip to the Sea”

  1. Perhaps you explained and I failed to follow, but It seemed as if you asserted that this image was taken in early afternoon? Hmmmm… It has the look of much later in the day. And it’s a lovely golden look with the feel of Agfa film. BTW, I really miss the tonal range of AGFA and I wish there was a software application which would allow my Canon to mimic those hues. Ah well….

    More often than not wide angle captures with dramatic foregrounds result in a feeling of mystery. Your insistant foreground textures and iight actually create a momentum in this image which propels my eye to the wall of homes (???) which seem built to withstand the scream of ocean winds. And the slight barrel distortion reinforces that feeling strongly. It’s as if ages of storm blasts have forced the buildings backward.. yet they stand like a castle wall against the siege.

    Nicely done… and their golden light versus the well defined sky imbue it all with an optimistic (if still mysterious) quality. I can imagine the movie which opens with this vista… The story will be a good one.

    Thanks for sharing…


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