137 – At the Edge of Darkness

“At the edge of darkness, holding my breath, clenching my teeth, desperately trying to contain my fear. Panic rises. I don’t know what it is, but it is fast, precise, unnervingly silent”.

“Edge of Darkness” by Eric Clapton is the Song of the Day. This is part of the soundtrack to a popular 1980s BBC television drama serial. The only version I have is the one from Clapton’s “24 Nights” live album, though there is a dedicated soundtrack album as well. It’s instrumental, thus no lyrics today 🙂

Speaking of albums, the Guardian has the Story of the Day about heavy-metal legend “Deep Purple” asking fans not to purchase their latest album. Funny, aye?

2 thoughts on “137 – At the Edge of Darkness”

  1. OK, I’m convinced and won’t buy Deep Purple’s album. Now, what more can I do to help?

    The image: Well you have a problem. Your daily messages are so grim, and deeply felt. And yet… you are schizoid. Your words say one thing about life and the world, yet your colors, compositions and generally euphoric graphics indicate a touching optimism. And here’s another terrific example.
    These are joyful colors Andreas, swirled about in patterns which make me relax, even smile.
    Please… don’t seek therapy to reunite your multiple personalities… The way they produce images could be seriously jeopardized if Mr. Grim conquered Dr. Gleeful….
    Thanks for sharing
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  2. I really like this image, but I’m still trying to decipher why. There is mystery here, and I suspect that further viewing may be capable of unlocking at least some of its secrets. To be continued, perhaps.


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