134 – Muck!

There is more than one way to name a cat. When we got this one, we chose “Rasha” after the wise tiger in Walt Disney’s “Aladdin”. Not a good one, as we soon found out. Our little Rasha turned out to be beautiful and cute, but rather not so wise. We changed to calling him Tonto, meaning, well, “not so wise” in Spanish, but most of the time he is called Muck. And this again needs some explanation. There is no German word “Muck”, certainly we don’t mean the pejorative English “muck”, and while I myself can’t tell for sure, most likely the name was inspired by Wilhelm Hauff’s fairy tale from 1826, “Der kleine Muck” (The little Muck).

This is another image shot with the Nikon 50/1.2, inside of the house with warm light from a dim lamp and cool light from the window.

I was supposed to be at the Slovenian/Croatian coast near Koper today, but weather turned out to be less than adequate, so maybe next week. I certainly feel the need for late light at a rocky shore 🙂

The New York Times has the Story of the Day. Would you want to strip naked in front of airport personnel upon each check-in for a flight? Well, maybe you’ll soon find out that you do.

I already had chosen “My Cat Fell In The Well (Well, Well, Well)” from the 1985 Manhattan Transfer album “Bop Doo-Wopp” as Song of the Day. As it turns out, this story lets me no choice but to change my mind.

The Song of the Day is of course Randy Newman’s “You can leave your hat on“. It is a much covered song, but I would really like to recommend the voice-and-piano version on “The Randy Newman Songbook, Vol. 1“, sung by the grandmaster himself.