132 – Tightly Packed

Yesterday’s image was not exactly a tremendous success. No single comment on Smugmug in a day, I haven’t had that since joining their “Daily Photos” community. The two people I have asked personally, have told me, that the image triggers no association with prison whatsoever, that it is simply a hand and a fence, altogether looking contrived. Well, that’s for realizing concepts 🙂

Today’s image was shot with the Nikon 18-200 at 200mm. I have cropped it and in Lab I have applied what Dan Margulis calls the “Man from Mars”, but where that color separating layer is normally applied with anything between 5% and 10% opacity, I have used a whopping 50% here. That’s where all the color comes from.

I had to search my collection for some time to find a Song of the Day. In the end I came up with “Tonight Romanticize The Automobile” by Hawksley Workman from his album “Lover / Fighter“, an absolute winner, not only for this song.

Now for something completely different, the Story of the Day. It is from the Guardian. A blogger in Egypt has been sentenced to four years for insulting Islam and Hosni Mubarak. Scary, ain’t it?

From the article I know that Amnesty International runs a campaign against censorship on the Internet, and that they ask you to sign a petition and add some code to your homepage to display a quote from their database of censored statements. You see it in the sidebar. Not exactly friendly to this blog’s design, but, oh well!

Oh, and just one more thing. Today, while strolling around after work I came by a camera shop that I had not known yet, and in their window I saw a Nikon 50/1.2. Well, what can I say? I guess you’ll see some images soon.

3 thoughts on “132 – Tightly Packed”

  1. I like it … but…. (hmmmmm, don’t you just hate the “but”?)… I wish after your LAB adjustments you had returned to an RGB color space and utilizing a curves adjustment layer, cranked up the mid tones. Then, cranked up the darkness. Then cranked up the highlights. Then… utilizing the mask on the adjustment layer… painted back in any blown out highlights. The colors you’ve found are muffled on my monitor and I’d like to hear them sing.

    But… for what it’s worth… I like the design, the shapes, the lava-like flow of color. They have almost become your signature.

  2. Thanks Ted. I am not completely satisfied as well and I can see what you mean with muffled colors. Well, it’s 3:30am now. Too late for everything but going to sleep. If I find any time, I’ll explore your variant tomorrow.

  3. Great one, Andi, I love it. First time I actually got to load up your blog, and this one stopped me scrolling. I love the color and framing.

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