130 – Of Hellebores and Hair

No cruelty today, no blood, no fire, not even Photoshop excesses. Only some hellebores I saw today in front of a flower shop. Nothing more to say about it.

Completely unconnected this time is the Story of the Day. It was inspired by Britney Spears having had an abundantly close haircut, which made the Guardian speculate about the symbolism of bald heads on women. Go figure.

Shall we have another Song of the Day by Nick Cave? One from the dark album “The Boatman’s Call“? Here it is: “Black Hair“.

One thought on “130 – Of Hellebores and Hair”

  1. Ooops, she did it again… became a break-into-TV-shows… A News Alert! But what’s always unsettling to me is that our village coots are noticed beyond the town limits. It’s weird to realize that our peculiar fixation with human debris… in fact our ability to manufacture it… is humiliatingly a topic of our neighbor’s gossip. It makes me want to apologize, not for Britnny (sp.) or Anna Nicole, but that we have a culture that excretes them. AAARGH!

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